Storm Radar with NOAA Weather App Reviews

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We no longer have the ability to look at multiple days we no longer have the ability to look at hourly reports. The user interface is not usable by any user even highly technically trained users. I am very disappointed with this forced upgrade.

Lost the best features from the original Storm Radar App

Not an upgrade. Just forced us all to a worse app. Miss the wind indicator from the old app. I used that when I was called out to storm watch by our local fire department. Now I feel blind!!

Bring back the other storm app. This one is awful.

Trash this new app

Storm Radar looks like a cartoon

Don't waste your time loading this useless app.

If I could give it -10 I would - BRING BACK THE OLD STORM!!

Don’t download this piece of junk - find something else. Just garbage no info no nothing


Utter garbage! So you buy out weather underground, take an amazing app “Storm” put your crappy twist on it and make it “Storm Radar”? Not at all like the true “Storm” app. Then you go and discontinue it... Idiots! I’ll find my weather elsewhere. Great job listening to your consumers.

I miss the old Storm app

This app freezes quite a bit, I miss the global wind vectors surface and jet stream

Horrible upgrade

This replaces the old app(storm), which replaced an older app(intelicast). And they keep making it worse. The radar function is great, but with this new app, the design is just awful with a 'current' settings taking up a spot right in the middle, and you can't move it off to the side and you have to expand it to see the hourly/daily details... which you USED to be able to see all at a single glance! And WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION! That should be like 'sub level' details, not on ur main screen. And it used to be easier to switch between saved locations.

Keep the old app

This is absolutely terrible!!!!!!! Bring back the jet stream and wind direction with all the little arrows. The forecast is basically hidden, not in plain sight the the old app, which is WAY BETTER. Just like everybody else, the “update” is junk!!! I’ll gladly buy the other app with all the things I just explained. Your making a HUGE mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not anywhere near as good as the old WeatherUnderground.

WeatherUnderground was 150% better

Totally dislike the new app

I loved the old version who gave me 10 days outlook and so much more. The new us a good radar and nothing else. I will move to a different app


Forced me to update. New version stinks. Deleting right after this review. Thinking weather channel now owns and is trying to sink this so I have to go back to their crappy app

Done with it after 3 minutes

Took 3 minutes to see it is terrible in comparison to its predecessor. The original app let you see the radar immediately and with a click see weather through 5 day. Easily could see how much precipitation was expected. This app eliminates all the good things and replaces it with a screen that looks like garbage and does virtually nothing. Oh and then it crashed. The Weather Channel apps are sorely lacking any common sense. Deleting this app.

Old strom app was way better

Why is it so hard to see the daily and hourly forecasts? The old app was way better.

Don’t like it

The app itself is ok but can’t get rid of ads

Not as good as original Storm app

Previous version of Storm app was both informative & intuitive; now watered down: - pixelated radar - no icons for forecast at bottom - many modes missing Easier to keep ‘weather’ tab in Chrome open or read the WUnderground graph. Probably won’t try it again for some years.

Will never be as good as the OG Storm app

So far, I have not been able to see the hourly, and daily forecast for my area. I can only see a map of conditions currently, and the future forecast for about the next 6 hours. But I can’t see an actually list of the forecast each hour like I could before. I can’t see a list of the daily forecast with all the information like chance of rain, wind, sunset, sunrise. The original app was the best weather app I’ve been able to find and free. Now it’ll never be as good. I doubt they will implement the same features as before to this one so I’m definitely just going to find another app. Do not recommend this app. I have found the sunset, sunrise, hourly, daily info but as I mentioned before it is not in a easy to read and understand list format. It is all graphics, pictures, symbols. Not user friendly. Is it hard to implement the same format and style but make it HD if that’s the goal? Still no not recommend.


I'm so disappointed in the new app. I want my Storm back! This app is the not user friendly and extremely difficult to use. Guess I will be better off using local channel apps....

Old is better

The previous version of Storm was much better, more intuitive, and easier to use. OldVersion was a 5 star!


I can’t get rid of forecast except tapping on screen and then location is lost. Please fix: if I choose a location, keep it there.


The old version of your app was much better and more user friendly.

Huge step backward!

Why go from a full featured weather app to something that only shows radar, and poorly at best? Doesn’t seem like much thought was put into this change...

Frustrated with upgrade.

Loved old version and presentation of weather maps. Don’t like ads on new ( would pay to delete) and have deleted both versions. Found others to fill the void. Sad really liked the old version... a lot.

Seriously.... original storm was waaay better

This app is poorly laid out and hard to look at. The original storm was waaaaay better. Stop fixing things that are not broken. Seems like there is less information. DELETED.

Old one was easier to use

The update is ok, not as happy with the newest version!

"Changed and Dumbed Down"

Would like original storm back. Hate the ads. Dislike loss of layers and flow of access. To TWC: Check your promise. NEW YORK TIMES July 3, 2012 "Mr. Kenny explained that he and his colleagues had been reading the angry online reactions to the acquisition. But, he added, “I think that once they see that we’re only investing in the product, not changing it or dumbing it down or altering it in some way, then I think that will go away.” It has been changed and dumbed down!

Old Storm app was MUCH better

This “new” app is a piece of crap. The old app was so much easier to get exactly just the data you wanted without having to dig through a whole screen of stuff that I don’t want to see. The old app had dedicated panels for Now, Hourly, and Daily. I could have a full list of my favorite cities to easily switch between. This version is trying to put too much of a mix on a single panel, whereas Storm had all the detail but grouped together in a more logical, usable fashion.

Quirky and loss if information

I’ve used the original Storm app for quite a while and this required update only provides Radar. Looking forward hourly and daily is now missing or if it is on the app, I can’t find it. The application tends to crash maybe because it is littered with ads and information across the screen causing me to spend more time closing out unwanted pop-up windows. Since the original app only has one day left, I’ll spend some time finding another app to replace both the convenient old “Storm” and the useless new “Storm Radar”.


This app used to be Storm by Weather Underground. Bought out by Weather Channel. The old Storm app gave me much more useful information, like lightning within 100 miles, radar indicated rotation precursor to tornadoes, and much more. Now all gone. Nearly useless to me.

Please go back!

I used to love to use this weather app... now - it takes so long for the radar to load that I’ll have been hit by the tornado before I can ever even locate a rain cloud on this. Where is all the cool stuff that use to let you see all the storm data involved in a developing tornado?? I am so disappointed in this app - VERY frustrating to use!!

Bring back original Storm!

This app is so far below the old storm app. Much harder to use, radar is not nearly as smooth or accurate. The old storm app was my go to weather app for radar, the only one I would look at because it was most accurate and didn’t show storms heavier than they were. This shows mild storms bright red when old app would show them yellow as they should be. This app is awful compared to the storm weather underground app. Big big mistake to end the old app.

Major major downgrade

This seems to be touted as a replacement for WU Storm. It isn’t even close. In the original I could see in one glance, no clicks, what the forecast will be for the next few hours. The new app requires clicks to get to the forecast. When you get there, The precipitation “chart” has no scale or time indicators. So now it is a guess as to whether it is going to start raining at 10 or is it 11 or Maybe it is 12. And the probability is a forecast for the day. The old app posted probability hourly. With this change I will start evaluating other apps if the original Storm is going away as this app is much more of a hassle and is lacking some of the great capabilities of the original. Oh...and god forbid there is some sort of warning posted for your area because then you can’t seem to get to the forecast at all.

Not good

I used to get forecast information. The new app doesn’t appear to support it

Not what it used to be

Man before Storm switch to this new platform it was super accurate with weather predictions and the radar was great! This new app and updates..... not so bueno

Please bring back the old app!

The old app gave me an immediate visual of current temps, future temps and easy access to several days of forecasts. This app doesn’t easily display this data - I have to hunt for it and the interface is not user friendly. Why this (unnecessary and awful) change?

Bad app

This upgrade from my previous app is a disappointment. The graphics are not as clear. Do not get more than a couple days forecast, use to get up to seven days. Use to get a really good symbol signifying the various types and details of a storm—-not this one. Not good

Not a replacement for Storm

Short and sweet. Does not offer same great layout as the Storm app. You have to dig for details with several pieces of data missing. Storm I could open it and easily see daily and hourly details as well as current the radar with current conditions on one page. Quick and easy and detailed. Although the radar here is much higher definition that’s really the only advantage I see with this updated app. Fix the layout, add some moon details and make it easy to find and read what’s happening in the next few hours or bring back Storm


The app I used more than any other app has taken a turn. The original storm app was easy to use, this one is a lot more complicated. By the way, why did you change the colors of the Warning boxes? Really throwing me off, and I’m pretty disappointed with the new app.

Annoying animation

Liked the old Storm better. The pulsating location icon should be shelved immediately.

Not Very Intuitive

I was happier with the app this replaced. At least I could get the information with ease, and understood the display. This thing needs a good tutorial, then maybe I could use it productively.

Nice radar, otherwise useless

No hourly forecast, no daily forecast, just a pretty picture. It’s next to useless, I’m out.

Great weather app.

Accurate and easy.

Slow, not intuitive, takes me 5 clicks instead of 2 to see what I want.

Extreme lag, not intuitive, and takes me 5 clicks instead of 2 to see what I need to see. I will be using a different app until you fix the problems with this app.

Old was better

Absolutely the worst upgrade/changes to an app ever! Before the forced change, this was a 5star app that I always recommend to friends. Now, I’m deleting and searching for a new one. Can’t see true activity, take an enormous time to load and NO FORECAST! Do no approve!!!

What is this..?

What happened tot he old app and Weather Underground?? The reason I had the old app was 1. Weather Underground weather data, and 2. The easy to use and simple layout. This has neither (unless the Weather Channel and WUnderground are now one entity) and I’m pretty disappointed. I also find the notifications too aggressive.. i prefer they be very simple (precipitation has been detected...) and then when you open the notification, there is more detail. This is probably just getting to be too picky.. but I don’t love the weather icons, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. One of the draws of the original storm was the tasteful simplicity of the icons. Subjective but to me it was a nice touch. I’m almost sad about this change, I converted probably 10 people over to the old Storm and I’ve already had three of them reach out and voice their frustration with being forced to download and use a new app. Maybe I’ll be back, but as is, I’m out.

Bring back the old version of Storm

Interface is not user friendly. Pertinent data is displayed graphically should have a tabular option. Multiple days of conditions are difficult to see because data is dragged right to left so you lose track of changing conditions. I have used 3 different weatherman apps and Storm was the best UI I have seen. So sad that it is gone. Storm Radar will be gone soon from my phone.

Where are the he forecasts?

Agree with other comments that this looks worse rather than better

Just Terrible

This is not an upgrade to Storm. It is like an app designed to work on a BlackBerry. What a shame as Storm was my go to.

New version

Update is a downer! Navigation awful!

Original Storm app much better

I liked the simplicity of being able to see the hourly and daily weather forecasts right there on the landing page.

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