Storm Radar with NOAA Weather App Reviews

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Storm Radar

Excellent weather information


Would like to be able to move the bar to adjust the past and present views rather than so much look of the future guestimates. Thanks for offering this service free.

A Step Back... Disappointing

Lost key features from the original Storm app. Miss the forecast narrative and surface map with fronts.

Worst software !! Old version is much better. Go back !

Hate it love old version

Not Nice

Don’t enjoy this app!

Best weather app

From current location storm alerts to predictive radar it would be hard to imagine a feature that I would want that Storm Radar doesn’t have. Clean, easy and fast to use. Great job!

Love the radar

Actually see when is coming, or not.

App ok or not NOT!

It’s not near as good as storm. No radar stations to choose from,no milage rings. Just not as good. I’m thinking real hard on deleting it. I will wait until after 5-24. Then I will s👀. The Quack-mister🦆 PS. PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE DON’T GET RID OF STORM☹️. You don’t have good reviews.Why fix something that's not broke. I know you brain WIZZOS are bad words bad words. Not really smart after all.

terrible update

Swore by intellicast then storm for years. this update made me switch. for all the reasons so many people have painstakingly described below. happy user of Accuweather now.


I'm really surprised at the negative reviews. This is got to be the best weather app available. Maybe because I'm new to the Storm app I can't compare to the previous version. But it has tons of information. The graphics are very detailed. This is easily a 5-star app. Thanks!


Always reliable!


Great app keeps me informed and up to date !!

Fake Reviews

It’s hard not to wonder how low this app’s composite rating would be without all the fake five star one line generic reviews...

Bring back Storm!

UPDATE: after using for a couple months, wish I could give zero stars. The “future forecast” is USELESS!! Just so disappointed - the previous version was sooooo much better. Original review: Not as good as the original app, satellite images are of poor quality, animation is clunky to use. Looking at forecast, either by day or hour, is difficult. The radar doesn’t work as well as it did in Storm, the “future” jumps all over when obviously it’s not correct. This is another example of if it ain’t broke why fix it... So my point is: WHY DID YOU REPLACE STORM WITH AN APP THAT ISN’T AS GOOD??

Horrible Replacement App

The old Storm app was 10x better than this app. The old app summarized and organized weather information more succinctly and effectively. The usability was also far superior to this waste of code.

Must have

I really need to know what’s happening! Have loved this app and the new version is easy to use.


Am great full for all weather alerts

Love it

Love it

Dennis M

Don't like your new version of storm. Very jerky, slow-responding screen. Can't keep various screen items, such as radar, tropics, earthquakes open at one time and have to constantly go back to the bottom menu. Also don't like new color choices, such as red for thunderstorms, after so many yeas of red for tornado.

Intelligent weather app...viewer friendly!

I use this multiple times daily....excellent graphics; find it accurate comparatively; recommend!

Not a well developed app

This app locks up frequently when expanding to look at serious weather. I find the indication of serious weather is inaccurate. In one case I saw tornadic indication in my area during clear and non elevated weather conditions. Too bad that the original storm was disabled. Much smoother to use and the results were reasonable.


This app is easy to use and read. It gives all the information I need when I’m out and about.


I like to read the city names. Some radars only use large cities.

Bring Back the Old Version

TWC keeps updating this app and it gets worse with each update. Can no longer tell what is happening, where the storm is heading. Alerts can stay visible for days after they occur even though apps say they just happened.


Best mobile weather app ever,use it everyday.

Radar app

Great weather radar app for current and future forecasts


This app is perfect when you work construction

There when you need it

Awesome reliable app!!!

Why did You Ruin The Intellicast App?

This new app is worse than terrible. Why would you ruin something that was good? Deserves ZERO stars but I’m forced to give it at least one.


Always come to this app first when I wake up!

No fronts

The new app news to show fronts. I’m a pilot and when I do outlook forecasting studying front Street or observing them on the map give me an indication of bad weather or good weather in the days to come

Accurate and timely

Title says it all. This app presents the weather in an Accurate and timely manner.


Enjoy watching the weather updates

Step backwards with this app

The Weather Channel really messed up a good app Too bad there isn't a selection for zero stars. I have been writing in the feedback section asking for the old app back. If everyone would do that we might get it back.


I used the old Storm app by Weather Underground for 3 years and I loved it. This new “upgrade” took away the fronts and many of the features I loved about. It had good data that is simply gone now. Deleting.

Love It !!

Does exactly as advertised.


We loved the prior Storm app. It even loaded on my Apple Watch. This version does not load on my watch and isn’t at first glance as thorough as the earlier Storm app. Extremely disappointed. Please add watch app.

Storm Radar for great Bend ks

Thanks for the update radar for Great Bend Kansas!


Great app. Really like the notices on approaching weather.


Really liked the old storm much better

Terrible “upgrade”

I miss my old Storm app. This new version is crap. The notifications don’t even work!

Not an “upgrade”

Bring back the WU Storm app! That was much better than this “upgrade”.

Radar review

I enjoy seeing what is coming and what’s happening now. Thank you


Unbelievable App. Great image.

Far Cry From WU Storm

UPDATE: This app is still garbage and now it’s touting a paid ‘ad free’ version but with no substantial improvements. I see reviews pop up from time to time saying how awesome it is. Baloney. Those have to be made up.... Leave it to TWC to botch up a really good thing. I ditched the original Weather Channel app for WU’s Storm app which was great: Great detailed radar imaging plus practical and user friendly forecast screens. TWC’s attempt at this is terrible, and it’s pretty terrible that they make you switch to this app and disabled the original WU Storm app. The radar is not as detailed. You can’t pick single site radar. And the forecast windows are not user friendly. Looks like I’ll be waiting until a better app comes out so I can dump this piece of crap. MAKE THIS MORE LIKE THE ORIGINAL STORM APP!!! Please!

Storm Radar


Best out there since WunderMap

Fast, flexible, informative.

Storm Radar

Especially liking the clear edges of storms, and the transition for future storm locations. Fast and accurate!

Great app

Just love it a must have

Excellent app the timing is perfect!!

Excellent app!! Love it!

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