Storm Radar with NOAA Weather App Reviews

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Going downhill fast.

The weather app I used to think was the best out there has been turned into a pitiful mess. The radar is soooo slow and obstructed by boxes that should be out of the way by default.

Not as good as original storm

It had everything I needed and was so accurate. I want it back. This one is not nearly as good. In fact, It was the best weather app ever. Please give it back! It is not a 4.3 app. If you read all the reviews, 98% are 3 stars or lower.

No lightning

Used to send me alerts. No more. Notifications won’t turn on within the app. iOS is set correctly to allow. Now it’s like all the other weather apps.

Storm Radar is great


Bring back Intellicast!!

Updated Sep. 20, 2018 A waste of YOUR time. I emailed the developer months ago on May 22 and asked about what happened to moon phase, which was in both Storm and Intellicast. Never got a response aside from a case number. If you live on the coast and have to deal with hurricanes, you know about tides and storm surge, and that's why moon phase is important as tides and storm surge are greatest at full and new moon. On the advice of another reviewer I’ve moved on to Weather Mate, which is highly customizable with a lot of detailed info. And yes, Weather Mate can be configured to show moon phase. It can also show weather fronts on the map(!), like ALL weather maps have for the last century (except Storm Radar). Original review: It's amazing that an app 'discontinued' years ago had more functionality, a better interface, and more useful features than this utter garbage being forced upon us. For those of you late in the game, Storm replaced Intellicast while removing features (boating forecast for example), and now Storm Radar is being shoved down our throats with a totally new interface that looks like it was designed by the blind. Can you imagine if these idiots tried their hand at designing an automobile...where would all the controls and instruments be? And while we're at it, how hard is it intellectually to understand the concept of 'ad free subscription?' Think about the IQ level that doesn't get that, would YOU trust THEM with your weather forecast? How many ways do they think they can possibly re-invent the wheel? What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result! HELLO, is anybody home?

Time frame gone

The last version had the ability to track when each cell was going to be at your location. Why would the developers take that away.

Scott batman

You have a good app it helps to be safe

Love the weather


Weather Channel Removed All the Great Original Features

This app had a much better UI /UX with all of the old Weather Underground features integrated. Now it just does the same thing their app does - warns you of weather events and shows you a map. Thumbs down for Weather Channel’s modifications.

Amazing App!

Works like charm!

App Store

Great app

Good Info. Too many ads

I miss the old Storm app where you could pay a small annual fee to not have ads. On the plus side, I like the timeline view and the ease of navigation.


“You asked for it and we listened.” No you did Not! You -Deleted all reviews from original Storm users! No response ::::::Crickets ::::::: -Still not listening to REAL users of original STORM- No, you did not listen to the former users of Storm: Developer does not care. Developer does NOT read reviews by original STORM users. Developer ignores accurate criticism. Anyone who gives this upgrade -Storm Radar- more than one star -works for Weather Channel. MISSING THE REAL “ORIGINAL” STORM.


Storm Radar doesn’t come close to providing the functionality that Storm did. Where are the Fronts? Where are the streaming winds? Where are the multi-day curves? Yes, the radar images and projections are better but so what when the rest of the information is missing! If an update is planned that puts back the functionality removed during the switchover from Storm to Storm Radar, let us know. Right now Windy is our go-to app. Sorry IBM.

Best visual Doppler of the area

It is my go to app for prediction of rain.

On the $$$$$

It’s unbelievable how accurate this radar app is. I’ll never use another one. My only criticism would be that I would like to see a more weather forecast picture.

Storm Radar Accuracy

The tracking of storms and where they travel in a high desert area is right on.

Golf enthusiast

Dependable app time after time. Analytics true to my heart. Love the precision and detail. I do miss the previous version’s graphical data. My true source for current weather. Future models so good I feel like I have ability to forecast myself. Thank you


This app instantly transforms me into a well trained meteorologist!!!


This is the sequel to the Storm app???!! Where is the hourly and daily forecast? The earthquake icon is barely noticeable. Bring back the Storm app, PLEASE! This new incarnation is completely inferior and nowhere near as useful as the previous Storm and Intellicast apps.

Poor and unnecessary replacement

Storm was a beautiful and elegant weather app. This is a hot mess. Where do I begin? With Storm, I could easily move among my saved locations, as opposed to this "improvement" that has me tapping all over the place trying to get back to the location I want. Storm had easy-to-read tiles that gave as much or as little info as one wanted, including a tile with alert information and graphics that showed what the alert was for. It even had a handy dandy thermometer graphic that showed the historic, current, and record highs and lows, a feature, hard as I've tried, I cannot find on any other weather app. PLEASE, PLEASE being back the old Storm. Until then, I'll be scrolling through the four other weather apps I have because this one is not worth having on my phone.

20,000+ 1 star reviews removed

Superbly horrible app. Can’t do the single thing it is supposedly designed for, which is report weather conditions. New revision allowed for 20,000+ ratings to be removed only to be replaced by positive spam reviews. How is this even allowed?

Best Weather App

Great forecasting of imminent weather conditions for nearby and afar. I use it to plan my motorcycle treks to avoid the rain.

Very good

Works well

I Love It

Nothing excites me more than weather and cosmology I know weird. This app is like having my own weather station. I love the graphics. Thank you

Love it!

Being a weather nerd, love being able to pin point storms in my area,


Best mobile weather app ever,use it everyday. Lots of info downloading so crashes a tad, I know they will fix it. Love Strong Radar app. Silkylink

Fake Weather News App

After seeing the weather channel reporters fake the severity of hurricane Florence when it made landfall, most likely to boost ratings, I have lost all trust in confidence in them as a weather reporting organization. I am done with the weather channel and was happy to delete their confusing app.

Awesome application

Great application


Rain is welcome when you live in the desert! Love to check on where weather is going !

Good for current conditions

Mostly works very well. Notifications are helpful. Not so good for upcoming forecast.

Weather the storm!

We enjoy getting early warnings for storms that sometimes arrive very suddenly around here. Storm radar is also great when traveling to help prepare for weather coming to our destination.

Never close to accurate

The previous storm app was wonderful but this one shows precipitation routinely when none exists.

Old one was better

The old app was way better . It was more intuitive and had more control. I will delete this and go to another one Thanks


Works well.

My go to weather map

Great graphics, zoom is great, overlays 👌

Best weather app I’ve ever used.

If you have to have a weather app to plan for activities and travel this is the one to have.

Before the “Upgrade” I rated it 5 star

I’m a CAT adjuster, so I used it all the time. I loved this app before the “UPGRADE” now I’ve DOWNgraded it to a 1 star. It constantly crashes, won’t load quickly, is clunky and jerky, drags when moving on the map, lags with the animation. Basically it is like a dial up connection. Not sure what you did to it, but if you don’t fix it, I’ll be going to somewhere else. Too Bad, it WAS really cool.


5 STARS YOU DO GREAT JOB IN YOUR FORECASTS! Enjoying our APP! It’s almost to the minute!👍


Radar and forecast you can count on

Super weather app.

I find the prediction mode to be extremely helpful when planning travel on any particular day.

Accurate and works well.

Good job.

Radar videos

Your videos thus far have been quite accurate & easy to see. Thanx KJK Sr

From Jim Greenwald Granite City Illinois

Good reliable App. In my job as Superintendent of Schools in District 9 in Granite City Illinois weather updates is extremely important. I highly rate this app.

better than the last one

better than last app I had for weather I miss the radar

Great app

Use it all the time

Furture radar

Future radar is great .need to put in a control for the radar not to play automatically when the app is open.

Love Storm app

Has great radar. Know within minutes when it is going to rain or snow!

Love it

10 stars

Storm Radar

Love this app. Recommended to 3 friends.

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