Storm Radar with NOAA Weather App Reviews

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Good so far

Too early to tell only have it 3 days and have no real change in the weather.


I just love it....and love it.....

So far so well. I like it.

The thing works. People complaining Aniston ads? It’s free. Get over yourself.

Fantastic app. Needs longer radar loop animation.

Love it. My only issue is wanting to see a much more extended radar go through at least 24 hours (optional in settings) previous to seeing future radar predictions. It’s fun and informative to watch the weather patterns develop over a longer period than only 2 hours. Regardless, fantastic app. Thank you.

Almost perfect

This would be my go-to weather app if a few things get addressed: -give us the option to remove ads - I’ll pay for it! -add a widget -add descriptive forecasts for each day in the 15 day forecast -display predicted snow accumulations the same way that rain is displayed in the 15 day forecast

Pathfinder Dad

I love this app it easy to use and lots of useful info on it .!

Works very well!

Very accurate on telling me when storms are coming. When it will actually rain and like today it said there would be snow. I didn’t believe it and it snowed. Great App and highly recommend.

App needs an update

App is slow and crashing????? The app should also have 48 hour future snowfall


Good app


Why is their no ad free version?????

Excelente aplicación

Muy completo y me sirve a diario para estar al pendiente del tiempo, no solo de mi país, también en otros donde tengo familia y amigos

Fast and accurate

A motorcycle is my only mode of transportation so I rely heavily on future radar for quickest travels and least amount of weather. I’ve been able to get around it, ahead of it and somewhere dry to wait for the rain to stop. Vibrant radar color and customization options. I recommend.


Can I pay to get rid of adds?

Amazing WX app - Ad-free version coming soon?

I’m revising my review from 3 to 5 stars. The information is unbelievably detailed and accurate. That’s a rare combination. Please give us an option to remove ads. It’s like having a brand new jacket, but not being allowed to remove the price tag.

Spot on Radar

I work outdoors, and check this app 5-10 times a day. After having tried a dozen others, this one is the best out there.

Stupid-waste of time

Doesn’t offer anything different from more complete weather sites

This is the best app ever! get it now for free!

I love this app and it tells me the weather

I love this app!!!

I use this app several times a day and have not had any problems with it. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Great App...

.. Willing to buy app to dump ads.

Great app but features lacking

Needs a widget for iPhone & iPad


4 Star 👍🏻👍🏻


This is a really good app killed by ads. I get it, the app is free. Give those that want to remove them the option to pay. And a tip for those that don’t, at least move the add away from the radar that is your main selling point. Make it a bar at the top or bottom but don’t put it over part of the radar!

Ads free ?

Need to be ad free .

Super app

Would recommend it to anyone.

Storm Radar App

I enjoy using this weather app very much. It definitely helps me to plan my day and I can check it anytime, even when I'm on the road. It's so useful. Two thumbs up for this app!

Very helpful

This takes the stress out of me due to I live in a hail zone


Updates are worthless as long as this app persists in ADS. So is this app. Until Devs wake up people will not use.


Just wish you could buy out of advertising. Takes up to much screen.

O'l Storm vs. New Storm

Needs a Widget! Several improvements have been made but where is the Widget?


It isn’t that hard. The biggest complaint by everyone for this app is the ads. I pay a couple bucks a year to remove the ads on Weather Underground and their apps - including the original Storm app. Weather Channel owns Weather Underground - LET US REMOVE ADS LIKE YOU LET US BEFORE!

Slip the Cloud

It’s VERY important that i know where the moisture is located especially when i have a 400,000 dollar concert sound system out in the elements, this app is ON POINT so thanks to all involved creating this masterpiece.

ads .... uggh!

Love the app but hate the ads. So I don’t use it as often as I’d like. There’s not even an option to pay for no-ad version.

Prefer one weather radar app on my phone

The weather overlay is overwhelming! I can not see any terrain features with it on. Instead it’s just a huge pastel blob on my screen with roads when I turn on the wind overlay. Make it so we can adjust the overlay opacity. I also agree with previous messages about the animation being in the way and about more information being provided. As for me I like to see wind chill factor. I don’t expect a 36 hour forecast or anything. I always like when the local meteorologist gives a heads up on the wind chill factor. Being from West Texas something we always get is wind. It’s not so bad when it’s warmer, unless it’s over 20 mph or so then the dust, but when it’s cold a nice 50 degree day can feel like 32 degrees with the right wind chill. I think getting this information before I’m stuck in it with too light a jacket on could be helpful most. Where is full screen map mode? This app just seems like a sub par version of the radar feature in the Weather Channel app; and at the least in the Weather Channel app the future/past animation is fixed below the map instead of on top. If you want to make a more improved map than the one in the Weather Channel app then actually make improvements. Making a full screen mode available where you can view and move around the map without anything else blocking your view, perhaps not even ads, would be great. The Weather Channel app has this feature, or at least we used to have that feature. Bring it back in this app please. I do like the custom overlays a lot. Something new instead of only being able to choose a single option at a time and on another screen. I like it simply shows over the map to change between radar, wind, temp, etc. The Sunrise/sunset visual is a nice touch as well as the linear forecast set by Day/Hour. I realize this app is intended to be strictly a weather radar tool and not necessarily a forecasting tool. I see this as a way The Weather Channel phasing out the radar feature on their flagship app and making this one their source for weather radar. I have seen this happen before. That’s fine, just if that is the case make this one blow people’s minds, at least as far as a weather radar app can blow someone’s mind.

Ugh! Terrible upgrade from WU Storm 👎

This is a poor substitution for the old Weather Underground Storm app. The Weather Channel version of the app crashes significantly more than the WU version, as well as having way less useful information. 🙁 I still go to the original Weather Underground Storm app way more than this app. I hate this interface in comparison, and really miss things like customizable quick buttons, measuring tools, the ability to pay to remove ads, and the ability to see locally sourced personal weather station data.


Bring back paid subscriptions to remove ads. I rarely use this app now because of the ads. It used to be an app that I gave a 5 star rating to. I can’t give it a high rating if it annoys me every time I use it. It’s too bad because it is awesome. It has so much information. Too bad, the parent company is probably to blame for this.


Crashing when I open the app

sy is the best d the kids


Issues still remain

Radar doesn’t appear at launch. Everything takes forever to load. There are still annoying ads!! Again, the WU Storm app is a lot better. Don’t fix or replace what isn’t broken. This app is broken and has never worked. Get it off the App Store until this app works. Otherwise, there will be continued negative reviews by more users.

Weather Alerts

I get weather alerts from this app but when I open the app, no alerts can found. Therefore I don't know what the weather alert is.

One day it could be my go-to app

But that day has not yet come. Widget. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. Start with the basics. Current temp, hi/low, current conditions, and the chance of precipitation. Flesh it out later. And being able to use my ad-free subscription with this app would be great.

Forecast high & low temps not being updated

I like storm radar BUT its high and low temperature forecasts are not being updated for your selected cities as they are with Storm Radar’s parent weather app, The Weather Channel. For the last 10-14 days for example, the high forecast temps for Lauderdale by the Sea are shown as 74 and 72 for November 27 and 28, but the forecast highs on the Weather Channel (and all other weather apps) show that the forecast highs for Lauderdale by the Sea have been steadily rising over the last week. Currently, the Weather Channel, Storm Radar’s parent app, shows 79 and 80 for Lauderdale by the Sea for November 27 and 28. Clearly, this indicates that the weather forecasts are not being updated at all.

Absolute garbage

The fact that is app does NOT allow you to remove ads makes this app an automatic 1-Star. DO NOT INSTALL!


Wish there was a way to get rid of the commercials at the bottom, but it’s free so I’m good with that but I’d be willing to pay a couple bucks to have them gone

Very Nice App—EXCEPT for Advertising...

This app is great, and very accurate, and it would be my first go to...EXCEPT for the advertising. You need to offer a paid subscription to help cut down the annoying factors of an otherwise almost perfect app..

I hate ads

Nothing more annoying than flashing ads. This app is headed for the trash heap

Over all rating

It is hard to tell temperatures at different locations, the only thing I find good is radar showing incoming storms.


I Really Really Like It!!!!!!

All of the name with none of the features...

This app is made by the same company that makes the GOOD “Storm” app, and the “Weather Underground” app. For some reason, they named it the same as the former, yet excluded 95% of the good things about the design, and NO WAY TO REMOVE ADS. Sorry, but that’s a deal-breaker...especially since I subscribe to the other Storm app to get rid of them, and use it and the Weather Underground app without ads constantly. It’s useless and I don’t understand why they tried to release a new, identically-named app, and didn’t improve anything. Why not just continually improve the existing Storm app which is great? Also, I cannot see my personal weather station, but can in the other apps I’ve named...

Helpful Suggestions for a Storm Radar, along with a legible 48 hr Weather Chart

Map runs too quickly & briefly, plus needs much more viewer simplifaction, distinctiveness (maybe shades of black & white option even), and ability to freeze the screen at the viewer’s own pace, to enable the person to freeze the screen in time - to easier see what can be reliably expexted for the weather, over the next 48 hrs. A very simple word & clocktime type of chart, with picture-symbols of what the weather will reliably be like over the next 48 hrs., plus a slowed down storm treck map version, would help:) Thank you, and have a LOVELY day! ;)

Like App. Don’t like ads.

Why can’t there be a way to get rid of ads? Don’t like them.

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