Storm Radar with NOAA Weather App Reviews

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Bring back the old one!!

Can’t add weather fronts. No upgrades for ad-free viewing, and the ads are very large. Shame on The Weather Channel for degrading what Weather Underground had spot-on.

Things to add…

The Storm App is GREAT! But there are some things that MUST BE ADDED! PWS Support Wildfire Layer Add Color/Contour to Maps for Rain Accumulation Ad Free Option (Maybe Paid?) Jet Stream Layer Pressure/Fronts Layer Severe Outlook Layer Crowd Reports Layer NEXRAD Radar Plots Velocity Radar Option Apple Watch App Ozone Layer Wave Height Layer

App needs an update

Because it’s acting slow and crashing

Best weather app ever

Best ever weather app! Easy to use! Accurate! Only give alerts that are current for you area. Not a bunch of silly alerts. Screens easy to ready.

ADs, Not many layers, Not useful, many crashes

The ADs appear immediately and they are quite annoying. I can find no way to get a “paid” version that eliminates the annoying ADs. The app crashes for no apparent reason. It gets worse...the layers are really weak and poorly implemented, with very few options. Overlaying layers is very limited. Example: If the temperature animation is active the app displays nice shading that represents temperatures, but the numeric temperature values are static, like all day 45 deg F. I certainly will not use this app until the Weather Channel allows me to see more useful information arranged in layers, that properly animates.... And, please allow for a paid version that eliminates ADs. The ADs simply make this more about advertising then about weather. Isn’t this the Weather Channel? Or is it marketing engine?


Raining and not showing up on radar??

Inaccurate radar

It has been raining most of the day on off in SE Florida. We have driven north 30 miles & south 20 miles from home. Real time and future cast radar completely inaccurate. Showed clear yet we had heavy rain around us in real-time. The reason I tested this is because I lost a day of exterior work for my business. Showed heavy rain in the radar for most of the day in future cast model. Sunshine all day. Checked the radar multiple times throughout the day.


Best app for storm locations it’s only 15 minutes off he comes 15 minutes before it shows on the app but it does come

Great weather app

Play like the continuous radar from the past to future. It also works on my iPhone better than app.

Fair rating

Does not change locations. Joe do I do this to get weather as I travel!

I fish a lot and this in one of the best I have found. Use it regularly

Clear view on screen. Shows what I want. Easy to use


Absolutely love this app! Between this and the other weather channel app, both top of the line weather apps. Love it!

Great help during storms

Whit having faced Harvey, Irma and now Nate it was comforting to see live satellite to track where landfall was likely to land and the time. Lawrence


Awesome app.. it’s always accurate

Best radar application

Love this app! Easy to set up and use.

iPad Pro 10.5. iPhone 8plus

Extremely glitchy. No widget, no Apple Watch. Map is a joke, touch it wrong and new location. Guessing Weather Underground apps are dead man walking.

It's stupid

WU Storm is much better. Why have both? Is WU Storm being discontinued?

Always accurate

A very very reliable app

The app

Very informative

I regret downloading new version

Lots of buffering. Plus, i don't recall seeing ads before. Did I previously pay for an upgrade to remove ads, but now they're back? I'm honestly not sure. I just don't remember, but the ads are suddenly very annoying. The 15 day forecast is a nice improvement though.

Great app

Love it, very useful.

Radar good - Detailed weather info bad

First, the advertising is terrible. If you can’t associate more appropriate and more targeted advertising for your app, then don’t have any ads. Casino games? Really? Bad ads are worse for your revenue stream than no ads. The good: the radar imagery. Why is it so hard (or impossible) to find the detailed forecasts - short and long term - and the forecast discussion that NOAA posts on their website? That’s the sort of details one would expect from The Weather Channel.


Excellent tool for tracking the weather especially when it gets bad. Tracked Irma while my wife was in the bullseye of the Cane. All worked out well. Eye was projected to cross the lake in fl where a relative lives. Was really close, a bit to the east but close. Thanks for the app it is really helpful and appreciated.


I think you site is very good I check it several times a day great app

Great as it loads fast and is pretty accurate. Better than all the others I have tried!

Pyroaunt G

Simply works

Updates work great. Every thing works great. Still would like Pro version Please. No Ads. I use Weather Channel Pro and would like same option here. Thanks

Getting better. But...

- Advertising. Seriously this is what people hate about the updated Storm app. But this WC developers went ahead and put in advertising. Guys, this is supposed to be the new flagship app for the weather Channel and you added... what... folks... hate. - No long-term forecast descriptions. It only has icons... what, am I ordering breakfast at Denny’s? I should be able to tap on the day for more info besides more icons. Please stop thinking your users are two-year olds, and allows the option to read the forecast. - Thank you for adding dewpoint temperature. -I would like to see an option to show the pressure in millibars, even if all the other units are imperial (Fahrenheit, miles, etc.) -Hurricane tracking. The original Storm app has a wonderful and beautiful tracking system for hurricanes. This app has none. - User Experience. The interface is new, novel, and nifty... but is nowhere near as easy to use as the original Storm app. Far too many taps to get the same results. - Is there anyway to get rid of the radar animation timeline at the bottom of the screen. It is far too large and in the way. The animation should be a selectable option, not the default. - Flashing advertising! advertising is annoying enough without rave-style advert animation. I know this is a problem with Google, but the WC should request non-animation style advertising.

Has it all!

My new "go to" weather radar app. Great functionality and customization. Not cluttered. Even has 24 hour rainfall.

Weather channel support

Just go back to old school weather, when you guys are ready for a real radar let everyone know

Love it

So easy

Great app

Nice graphics and accuracy 👍🏻

Still not as good as WU Storm

This app is improving, but the UI and forced ads are a major regression from the old WU Storm app. WU Storm was a great app that could be made ad-free. This app gets the job done, but the experience is less than joyful.


Happy to see the improvements that address some of the concerns in my previous review. The app is faster and feels less glitchy. I still hope we'll see some integration of the PWS stations from Wunderground and an IAP to remove the ads. I’d much rather support you financially than be an eyeball for advertisements. An iOS widget and Apple Watch app would also make for nice additions.

Beautiful App!

Very functional and easy to use. Love it!

What Happened?

The WU Storm app has been one of the Best weather apps available. Now that app won’t be updated because they’re making this app instead. Why even call it the same name?? Totally different app. Weather data, for the most part, is all going to be the same. Mostly. The UI in the WU Storm app, though, is by far the easiest to navigate and best to look at. This app? Besides not being able to remove ads, is a mess to navigate. Not intuitive at all, and moving back and forth between different areas is a pain. Deleted the app.

Still No Add Free Option

Seriously, this is the third update and still no add free option? The app is much smoother but you told me you were working on an add free option before the first update. Please consider providing this in the next update. Update: YIKES......fourth update and still no add free option? I'm keeping this app for one more update and then I'm deleting it if I don't have an option to get rid of that ugly, annoying banner at the bottom. It makes an otherwise beautiful app unusable.

Ad removal!

As a pilot and a fan of the original Storm app I do like this new one except the ads drive me crazy. I want a subscription option like the original had!

Great app but features lacking

Needs a widget and support for Apple Watch watch face ( forecast conditions) I still want what’s written above but I must say the addition of extended forecast is greatly appreciated

Ads or terrible

Won’t consider until there’s an option to get rid of the ads.

Keeps crashing

Very irritating that it keeps crashing as I'm watching the hurricane tracks and zooming in and out. Was great before so please fix! Thanks.

Great app for world weather

Absolutely the best detail on all weather conditions worldwide Thanks for your contribution


Crashes upon opening every single time making it completely unusable.


Good app to tell the weather

Love it but I’m having an issue....

After this update I’ll open it and immediately it crashes now I love this app because it’s accurate and free ,but if this keeps happening I don’t know what I can do if there is anything for you to help me please do so.

Weather Rader app

Not working with IOS 11.02 it opens and the second the map appears it closes.

Getting Better

A widget and option for no ads and this will be a 5 star app.

All you need is this

This app helped us thru Irma. We jus love how accurate and trustful it is

Keep politics out of notifications

Remove politics and get 5 stars

Why is it...?

Why is it, when I place a marker for a location, it puts it in a totally different place? After about a half dozen attempts, it finally gets it correct but how frustrating! Also, after you name a marker it will change the name of the marker to the name of the city after you look at it after awhile. Why does it do that? Lastly, where is the Storm widget at? This definitely needs to be added! Besides those things, the app is getting a lot better and being able to use our WU login (I know this technically is a Weather Channel app and not a WU app but you own them now) to get rid of ads or for a small one time fee would be really great!

Advertisements Ruin experience

Please let us pay to remove advertising!

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